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Kia Sar-Kalil Mahalle of Hezar djerib-14 Kalateh-Ziarat

Introduction of Mazandaran Province

There are three areas, which create the Southern Part of Caspian Sea:

1. Golestan Province, which formerly was called Astar Abad with the center of Gorgan, is located in the East.

2  Mazandaran Province, which is located in the Middle.

3.  Gilan Province with the center of Rasht, which is located in the West.

Golestan Province is reached to Khorasan from the East and to Semnon from the South, and from the West side to Khazar Sea and Mazandaran Province.

Mazandaran Province is limited to Khazar Sea, to Semnon and Alborz mountains and Gilan from North, South and West respectively. Gilan Province is lmited to Khazar Sea from the North side and to the East Azarbaijan or Ardebil from the West side.

Ghd length of this area from Khorasan to Ardebil Province is 650 Km and its wide from the Sea to the end of the Provinces is about 90 Km.

Alborz mountains are located between these three areas and Iran Plateau, which are similar in their nature and Damavand with 5678 m height and Alam Kuh with 4840 m height are its highest crest (vertex).



Houses in this in structure and style have many differences with other houses in Iran Plateau due to its its climate and nature. The houses have pitched roof due to more precipitation and because of being more Jungles, more wood is used to built the houses.


Historical Background

The Southern Part of Khazar Sea is habitat from the far period and it has more reason such as:

1.   Gare Kamarband area near to Behshahr was a resiance for hunters in Mezolitik and neolitik periods for instance between 8 to 11 century BS.

2.  Archeological exploration in Northern part of Gorgan-in Southern part of Langerud and Gilan mountains, which its goods is called Amlash goods by antique sellers.


Recently, in pursuance of the archeological exploration of a city between  Neka to Behshahr  the archeologists found a graveyard, (Gohar Tappeh) which they died people are laid to rest in big keeves like fetus in their mother womb, and they had other explorations in Sari and Klardasht by chance.

Mazandaran was called Tabarestan formerly and it was called Tapporestan namely Tapur Tribe residence in Pahlavi language. Tappors like Dilami (Gilan Deilami population) were lived in Semnon Northern mountains before entrance of Arian and Amord or Mardiha Tribe were lived in present Amol area and it means that the name of Amol is adopted from the name of Amrod Tribe.

1.   It comes in ancient Iran History that Mardiha or Amord Tribe were migrated to Khar region namely present Garmsar by Parthian King, the first Farhad in 176 BS and Tapur Tribes were prevailed on a land which later called as their name (Tabarestan).

But, Mazandaran was far from political life until great Shah Abbas had a worthy attention to this area four century ago. By decamping the foreign people to this area such as more Christian Gafgazi Groups and by built of the cities and courses, bridges and caravansaries, Shah Abass bring this area into social live.



Report of Trip


On 16 Farvardin at 3:30 AM I start to drive to Mazandaran,I had some adress in Sari(Center of the province)and Gorgan.for some special type of kilims that cames to market recently.and many of persian experts do not know about them yet.

I wanted to buy some of these kilims sience a friend found them,and because of our friendship called me.

I was afraid may be they give me wrong information about place of origin ,way of usage,way of producing and so…

I decided before I go to buy in my way try to interview with some knowlegebel persons over there.I was in this thjoughts that I saw a Captain police officer in side of the road is looking for Taxi,now it was 6:00 AM.I stoped and he wanted to go to Sari,same place that I was going.

That place was a city called SAVAD KOOH and he was the chieff of the police station of that city and his homeland was a city called Sefid Pol in less than 20 Km after Savad kooh.

After greetings I immidiatly start to ask questions and really he was a nice man to answer pationtly.Behrooz sadeghi was his name.I asked questions from him,and then when  we arrive Sari he left me,I went to a Car wash,and over there there was a rich man(Expencieve car he had)Mr Mahmoodi.when we became familiour ,he was a business man in metal,Alominiom and…by the chance he was born in Kia sar,so his informations would be corect. Ofcourse at last both of these jentelmans were given same infoes.

 I bought the below kilim from hezar jerib myself

1.Hezar Jarib

As I read in History of Zeidiyeh Movment hezar jarib was name of a mountain between Mazandaran and Gorgan(Tabarestan) with fool forest and hard ways to pass.


In year 61 hejri gamari(By Moon)when our third imam Hazzrate emam Hossein and 72 persons of his companions were marteired by Yazid in Karbala desert,from his familly only his 2nd son who was so sick,and the enemies thought he will die by his illness,remain alive.He was the shia ‘s 4th Imam,Hazrat e Sajjad who has a book about animals right.

Imam sajjad’s sun was ZEID,he wanted to fight with the regim of time ,for blod of karbala martaires,From this time a serious movement appiered by the name of Zeidiyeh.

No we do not want to talk about this movement but people of this movement select a Manountains in North of Iran to hide,because it was really hard to reach by Khalife(Arabic of King).

Now it seems why these nice kilims with abaut more than 100 years old sometimes,are coming to market recently in these days.It is fool of forest trees,when I was going to Alamdar deh,before Kiasar in a ground bad road,honestly I was abit frighten myself.I took an image and will show you.

Adress:From Tehran to sari ,after Savad Kooh,there is a small city I took imag ,called Sefid pole,There is a road from there to maountains to HEZAR JERIB Area.It is name of an area and also name of a village as well.

There are 8 till 10 villages there and the center of area is a village SANGELEH.


There is another road but too far to this area from SARI too.



After psassing Savad kooh and then Sefid pol,in our way to Sari,we see a small city called SHIER  GHAH ,there is a narrow way from this city to an area Called LAPOOR   or Lafoor  that they had the same types there.

In this area famous villages in producing this type are as:PASHA KALA-LAFURAK-Galesh kala –Asbu Kala and Naft chal.



In 75 kilometers from Sari there is a small city called KIA SAR,but it is common again to kia sar area,it is in a mountain and just has a bad road to SEMNAN or Damghan,other wise is a closed road.the important villages of here are:CHAHAR  DANGEH-CHALU-TUSEH-Manzel Darreh.

From Sari to GORGAN(center of Golestan province) very near we have a small city called GHALUGHAH,there is a better way from this to kiasar too that has Villages as here in the road:Ramedan-Gornam-Rish beneh-Param-Par  kala-Sorkh  geryeh-Parch-Samchul-Chalagdeh-Pitino-Niala-Roobar-Pajim-Sheikh  Mahalleh-Shirdari-Zelet.


From Kiasar to Damgan or Semnan city.

From a bad road to semnan we have some villages that are alone.from here forest start to disapper and slow slow we see desert.after 30 minutes or more driving in dry mountains in the left of the road ,we have a narrow road go till a this road we have villages:TAVAD-SHESHK-Mazdeh,Churat-ghale sar-Mal khast and finally OROST


         In Orost forest disappeared.a view of village and mountaines.

and Mal khast.that I stay one night there,bought 2 kilims only.and took images in Orost.

In a villager's house in Orost I was buying kilim.



They set the tool of weaving(Dar)vertical with 3 Geregereh or dook(tools that each colore of woll was on it)after weaving joined them



1.There was no carpet in old times they used felt(Namad)for covering ground sience it was too cold.Felts wools bothered the peopele to sleep or it’s wool joined to their dress,so used this kilim on the felts.

2.In the village in mountains witch are really coled even in spring that I went,because the haouses were made by wood,by hanghing this kilims wanted to make inside of home warmer also by its nice colores it was a type of decorating their home as well.

Ofcourse these two reasones belongs to kilims that are in 4 panels more than 10 Sq.m.

but there are small ones around 1-1.5 Sq.m in two panels that were used as a

bag that in persian we call it Boghche(put clean cloth in them when went to publice

bathroom) also may used under feet after taking this reason 2 panels and 3

panels that sized around 250X300 Cm are common


They are sheep wool on wool,100% natural colores



In Five kilometers after Behshahr there is a city called KHALIL  SHAHR(now called it shahr means city)but it is Khalil Mahalleh.

 The Best tecknique of these black and white kilims are from Khalil Mahalleh,it is included of 10 areas joined eachother they are as:.1-Alamdar Mahalleh  2- Robat     3- gate zamin      4- Amoozad Mahalleh 5.Molla Mahalle 6.Mail Kala 7.Rekavand 8.Kashe Kheil 9.kermani Mahalle 10.Kala -  

I had a interview with a person over there Mr Baba Ali Heidari,He told me Hezar jarib called an area that has many he said or other places may maountaines are huge and they are in distance of two cities may caused call it Hezar Means thoousends Jerib means 1000 Sq.m of ground so you see they ment 1000 x 1000 trying to tell how long is that mountain.

1.In Gorgan there is a Hezar jarib

2.In Kord Koy there is anouther(on way to gorgan)

3.In Bandar gaz thereis anouther too

4.Also from neka to Behshahr when you are driving will see in right of the road to mountain big Sign wrotten Hezar jerib

5.From khalil mahalle goes to Hezar jerib too

 Thicker Kilims

I know I was not able to tell you all about this but this was an effort to tell they are not new even they look healthy, and reasone was they were used as hanging kilims to make housed warm.or being so soft is a good reason even to underestand they (villagers)know that thise type are not good to covering ground under feet.

Besides we see thick kilims from that are a mixed of wolls (sheep,Camels,and goats)but mostly used goat.Famouse place of them is an area called 14 kalateh means 14 is name of an area also name of one of the villages between Mazandaran and Semnan.Qale sar is other name produced these type.



Ziarat Village(Lahaf or 2sides doubeld kilims)



From Behshahr city to Gorgan city there is a small city called GALUGAH
there is a road from this city to Damgan (Semnan area)old road.
in this way there are some villages that do this types.
Some of these villages are in an area called 14 KALATEH
Gale sar and KEVA and also a village that it's name
is 14 kalateh belong to 14 KALATEH area.
Then when we go to Gorgan afterNAHAR KHORAN forest ,
At the end of road,near to a mountain there is a Village
Called ZIARAT.

In Ziarat people from other places are making is the only village seems does not have a way to out.just a bad road may by using animals.

Ziarat means philgirimate and it is becuse of one EMAN zade(sun of one imam)
there  are 2 road in the mountain one to sar cheshme a village in
 Damgan city.
 I was able to saw two lahaf and one sofre in my latest trip.
 in Ziarat the peopel have their own language and do not speak Mazani.