Manouchehr Haghighat Supplier of hand-woven Persian Rugs , Gabbehs, Kilims, Taches, Sofrehs

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Manouchehr Haghighat

This is Manouchehr Haghighat from carpet bazar of Tehran. I invite you to see my pieces at below links.I think by a looking at them you will underestand my work's field better,so there is no need to spend much more time.

you may see me at:

you  can also read fine version of my research about Mazandaran minimal kilims found in the market recently which I called "Magic of Persia". 
Manouchehr Haghighat

Haghighat Nomads:
Address: no:28, 2nd floor, parsa mall, Kababiha alley, Traditional carpet market of Tehran, Iran


Mobile:0098 9121042321 

Shop:0098 21 55627842

Manouchehr Haghighat